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The sound blow out at the end was hilarious. Good stuff.

Thought it was charming. It reminded me of cartoons I watched when I was young.
I probably wouldn't have posted a review, but I read the review left by ''TheMAM" where he was spewing hate and giving an insincere critique...because you posted festival results? Felt like somebody should tell you to ignore ALL of that. He's obviously bitter about something. (Or click on his animations and decide for yourself if he's someone that should be giving you advice.)

Enjoyed the nostalgic style. Keep making cartoons! :)

Great comedic timing, color/style is fun to look at, and absolutely loved all the subtle little animated gestures. Plus, its super weird, and a little violent, which I enjoy. Wouldn't surprise me to see this picked up by a producer/distributor. Might be you never get 'discovered', but your'e making tv quality content. So...make more!

Gonna go watch the rest now.

SomeonesEx responds:

Thank you very much for your very kind words!

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Around 23, i literally could not see it at all and was just hitting the space bar in a rhythm hoping it was right. But really like the concept and it definitely gets intense/exciting. Just want to be able to actually see the cursor lol

Was having a great time, until i hit the 'settings wheel' and the screen went black. reloaded the page and no progress saved...
So...you have a game breaking bug...in what is actually a really fun game. Was going to give it 4.5 stars, but got to drop it to average after the game-breaking bug.

Great idea. Music and graphic remind me of candy crush. The level of forethought required seems to go from zero to mind boggling pretty quick. I found myself just clicking randomly in the center, since I was too lazy to try and think 14 moves ahead on level 11.

I think designing the levels so they aren't quite so simple, but also, not too complicated will be the trick. But the design and concept could be big.

PolyWolfGames responds:

Thanks for your comment and rating! =)

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Voices are really excellent. You have fantastic range. Recording quality varies widely, though. How do you make your recordings?

Really excellent. Got you bookmarked for my next project.

Julieparkvo responds:

Thank you very much : D

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Love everything about it. The nod to triptychs from centuries past, the themes, the storytelling, the detail. Make more!

The proportions look 'right'...I don't know who this person is, so I'm not bothered by any lack of resemblance. I think I'd make your signature smaller or maybe not so central to the composition. I think you want people looking at your subject, not your name.

These colors (purple/green/mustard) can result in some stomach churning compositions, but you've really made them work. Color shading around the eyes, nose, and mouth are the best part of this. You've got a great eye for color and detail.

Yipcks responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback!

You're right, that signature is too on the center, it was kinda dumb to put it there.

Absolutely phenomenal. The contrast between the smooth-ish, white fur and the dark red, glossy red teeth is sensational. It works doubly well with the thumbnail only showing you the top of the image. Was like "Oh this looks interesting....ohh my gad"

RobStanley responds:

haha thanks!! :)

Surrealist oil painter learning animation.

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